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Vertex<sup>®</sup> Bottle top dispenser is another genius of its strong R&D base. Responding to the needs of the present generation, RV Instruments is proud to offer its NEW BOTTLE TOP DISPENSERS in two indigenous versions. Regular & Premium which is an unique combination of affordable pricing and high performance.

Regular Model : Wetted parts are PP, Borosilicate Glass and FEP. Suitable for routine laboratory application.

Simple design clubbed with variety of useful features makes Vertex<sup>®</sup> Bottle Top Dispensers an obvious choice for all dispensing needs. High precision and accuracy is ensured through careful selection of component raw material and several stages of strict quality checks during manufacturing process Each instrument is individually calibrated in accordance with ISO 8655 standards and comes with individual Calibration certificate.

REGULAR Model Available in 8 adjustable vol sizes :

(a) 0.25-2.5 ml (b) 0.5-5.0 ml (c) 1.0-10ml (d) 2.5-25.0 ml
(e) ) 2.5-30.0ml (f) 5-50ml (g) 5-60 ml (h) 10-100 ml

  • Easy to use, simple construction and smooth, effortless plunger movement for bubble free dispensing.
  • Piston : Specially designed PTFE Piston with Silicone O-ring ensures smooth, effortless piston movement and high accuracy.
  • Each instrument comes with five adaptors to fit in most of the laboratory reagent bottles.
    Standard threads : 30mm
  • Adaptors : 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, and 45mm.
  • Nozzle cap prevents any unwanted drop on the work space.
  • Easy to dis-assemble for cleaning and servicing.
  • Glass Barrel is protected by a polypropylene sleeve. It Glass Barrel is protected by a polypropylene sleeve. It also ensures no glass splitting in case of any accidental breakage.
  • Valve Manifold : Specially designed, single piece PTFE valve manifold in the Premium Model ensures excellent chemical compatibility, leak proof valve functioning and excellent reproducibility.
  • Instrument is fully autoclavable at 121 C, 15psi. No Need for disassembling the instrument for autoclaving.
  • Screw type volume adjustment knob with large pointer ensures precise, easy and quick volume adjustment.
  • Calibration : Specially designed universal calibration tool is provided for convenient and quick In-lab user re-calibration. This is in compliance with GLO/ISO Norms.

    Description Regular Models
    Piston PTFE
    Cylinder Borosilicate Glass (3.3)
    Volume adjustment Knob Screw Types
    Valve assembly Glass ball & seat
    Valve Housing PP
    Discharge assembly PTFE
    Delivery tube FEP
    Inlet tube FEP
    Calibration Individually Calibrated and certified in lab easy calibration by user is also possible.
    Accuracy & Reproducibility In accordance with a ISO 8655 standards
    Compatibility Excellent Compatibility with all reagent except HF


    Model No. ISO 8655 Specifications RV Instruments Specifications
    Primium Model Vol. Range Increment Accuracy CV Accuracy CV
    BTDR-1 0.25-2.5 ml 0.05 ml 0.6 0.015 0.2 0.005 0.6 0.015 0.2 0.005
    BTDR-2 0.5-5 ml 0.1 ml 0.6 0.030 0.2 0.010 0.5 0.025 0.1 0.005
    BTDR-3 1-10 ml 0.2 ml 0.6 0.060 0.2 0.020 0.5 0.050 0.1 0.010
    BTDR-4 2.5-25 ml 0.5 ml 0.6 0.150 0.2 0.050 0.5 0.125 0.1 0.025
    BTDR-5 2.5-30 ml 0.5 ml         0.5 0.150 0.1 0.030
    BTDR-6 5-50 ml 1.0 ml 0.6 0.300 0.2 0.100 0.5 0.250 0.1 0.050
    BTDR-7 5-60 ml 1.0 ml         0.5 0.300 0.1 0.060
    BTDR-8 10-100 ml 2ml 0.6 0.600 0.2 0.120 0.5 0.500 0.1 0.100